Kodagu floods: He took time off from work to be there for his people…

When Subedar Major Kuttanda Bopanna watched the news of massive landslides in Kodagu, he was shaken by the scale of tragedy his own people were going through. Without wasting a minute, he applied for 15 days leave from work and arrived in Kodagu on August 20.

Once he arrived, he didn’t look back. Subedar Major Kuttanda Bopanna of 28 Karnataka Battalion NCC, Hubballi, plunged himself in multiple heroic rescue attempts in flood-affected areas near Makkandur. This despite his house near Hattihole being damaged and his wife’s house being razed in landslides in Kaloor. Setting aside personal setbacks, he continued to assist the Army team in rescue missions.

Many stories of his resolve and bravery abound during the rescue. A sad moment for him was when with his bare hands (no gloves and masks) he had to pull out the mortal remains of a deceased from underneath a slushy patch and hand over the body to the family for final rites.

Now, that the rescue mission is done, Bopanna wants to repair his house at Hattihole and get back to work. “It gave me immense satisfaction to help the people of my homeland when they were in trouble and I consider this holiday as a service to my homeland,” he says.

We join the people of Kodagu in saluting this hero.

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