Open letter to Pratap Simha and C H Vijayshankar

Dear Pratap Simha and C H Vijayshankar,

Best wishes on being named candidates for BJP (Pratap Simha) and Congress-JD-S (C H Vijayshankar) combine for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls from Mysuru-Kodagu Lok Sabha constituency. As you would know, Kodagu and Mysuru are two different regions having different necessities, requirements and even goals.

We, at Kodagu Connect, asked our readers to list out their expectations from the new Member of Parliament who will represent them from 2019 till 2024. Here are some of the issues which were raised by them.

Save environment
Thanks to its tourism tag, Kodagu has undergone development way beyond its carrying capacity. Resorts, hotels and commercial construction activities are on the rise by converting agricultural land into commercial use. Rules are being flouted and norms ignored threatening the fragile ecosystem of the district. Some reports claim around 2,800 acres of land were converted for commercial purposes in last 10 years in Kodagu. Strict rules and regulations are needed to contain this menace so that environment of district is protected.

Save River Kaveri
From Bhagamandala to Kushalnagar, River Kaveri is being polluted due to effluents from commercial establishments, coffee pulping units and overuse of plastic products in tourist locations along the river path. It is no secret that sewage from some resorts were let into the river. Some callous shopkeepers dump slaughtered animal waste into the river too. During summer months, the little water which is available becomes unfit for drinking. With a combination of sand mining and pollution, River Kaveri almost dries up in the summer months in places near Kushalnagar. Like River Ganga, it would be ideal if River Kaveri is given a living person status so that measures can be taken to protect the river for the coming generations. River Kaveri in bad shape is bad news for people of Mysuru, Mandya, Bengaluru and Tamil Nadu.

Protect interests of coffee, pepper growers
While cheap black pepper imports from Vietnam has wrecked the pepper market in Kodagu, unstable coffee prices have dealt further blow to growers in the district. In consultation with MPs from Hassan, Udupi-Chikkamagaluru and Dakshina Kannada, the matter should be escalated with Union Commerce Ministry so that growers get justice and also their interests are protected. Growers who are already reeling with high cost of cultivation and labour shortages, should be provided long-term remedies.

No train connectivity beyond Kushalnagar
It would be better if the proposed train service from Mysuru ends at Kushalnagar with no further extension to Madikeri and beyond. With a population of less than six lakhs people, and cargo movement just a few months during coffee harvesting time, there is no real need for a rail link. The proposed four-lane National Highway will be enough to serve the district.

Need for multi-specialty hospital
Kodagu is in urgent need of a multi-specialty hospital as most of the hospitals are equipped to treat minor diseases. At present, government hospitals and the existing private players don’t offer all the specialties. People have to travel more than 100 kilometers and reach Mysuru or Mangaluru by travelling even for emergencies. This is not an ideal situation. Residents have been asking for a multi-specialty or a super-specialty hospital in the district headquarters Madikeri with a team of good doctors and facilities.

We hope you will look into these issues if you get elected.

Kodagu Connect Team

One thought on “Open letter to Pratap Simha and C H Vijayshankar

  1. Railway track to Kushalnagar will open up the region for so-called development. It will destroy the tree cover, bring industries, more resorts and housing projects and a very large population for which there isn’t enough water.

    It will take a few decades but it will kill the River Cauvery and all other water sources here. Bangalore, Mysore and Mandya will go dry as Kodagu is the Water Tank of those regions.


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